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    • Basil Cartryte

      Sound Poem #7

      Tags: poetry, poem, sound poem

      • Sturgis Giteau

        NaPoWriMo 2022 Day 6: End of the Universe Tanka

        End of the Universe Tanka   Scenario 1: The expanding universe finds no end as matter spreads itself ever thinner until only a dim fog remains, the history of Rome a swirl in the mist, my life a jig of a few dozen atoms, until even these ghosts dissolve into the tepid bath of etern...

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        • Mort Duffy

          Absently (poem)

          Absently My mind is somewhere else putting down roots stretching stems lifting hungry leaves to a sun I've never seen Somewhere else is my mind winds bring from her to me sap blossom fragrance promise of fruit within if I reach reach -- Mort Duffy

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