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    • sylvester hobson

      haiku society of america educational resources

      haiku-related educational resources, including many downloadable pdfs.

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      • sylvester hobson

        napowrimo 2021 day 19 - a haiku

        late april snow not yet here is here -- sylvester hobson ”late april snow” by sylvester hobson is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Based on a work at Image info: Parking Meter, copy...

        Tags: napowrimo 2021, napowrimo, poetry, haiku

        • Sturgis Giteau

          NaPoWriMo 2021 Day 29: Produce Haiku

          Produce Haiku The problem with buying fresh blueberries, pears, bananas, blackberries, even apples and they keep pretty well, when you live alone is, they fruit gets spots and mold and starts to smell bad along with you and nobody wants either. Don't get me started on meat. -- Stu...

          Tags: napowrimo 2021, napowrimo, poetry, haiku

          • sylvester hobson

            napowrimo 2022 day 5: untitled

            two small white butterflies drunkenly waltz from the daffodils — sylvester hobson 2022, april fifth

            Tags: poetry, haiku, napowrimo, napowrimo 2022

            • Basil Cartryte

              NaPoWriMo 2022 Day 16: untitled haiku

              Tags: NaPoWriMo, NaPoWriMo2022, poetry, haiku, asemic

              • Carl Bettis

                Missouri Haiku Project 2023

                If you live in Missouri and write haiku, you might want to check out The Missouri Haiku Project 2023.

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