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    • Carl Bettis

      Zoamorphosis | The Blake 2.0 Blog

      William Blake in art, music, film, and literature

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    • Slant of Light

      Slant of Light

      The Bedrieger Junction art and creative writing group. We welcome all Bedrieger Junction writers and artists, whatever your medium or genre. We try not to be censorious, but hate speech and illegal activity will not be tolerated. Please be civil.  

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      • Basil Cartryte

        Artist's Statement

          I'm an anti-Pyrrhonist. I believe, as far as I can, everything. Sometimes holding contradictory positions is simply acknowledging that subjective reality is a reality. Objectively the world is round and bounded, but subjectively, for me, it's flat and infinite. I as...

        Tags: aesthetics, art, manifesto

        • Carl Bettis

          Happy Halloween the 9th!

          Image info: Pet Peeve, copyright 2021 by Carl Bettis, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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          • Basil Cartryte

            Art Loves Chance

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