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    • Bryant Jacobi
      • Bedrieger Junction

      Bryant Jacobi

      Recovering philosophy major. He/him.
      • Roynald O'MacRossinski
        • Bedrieger Junction.

        Roynald O'MacRossinski

        Former poet laureate of East Bedrieger Junction. He/him.
        • Thomas Gorn
          • Bedrieger Junction

          Thomas Gorn

          Hopeful romantic. Pansexual. Any pronouns.
          • Ian Erinson
            • Bedrieger Junction

            Ian Erinson

            Chronic grump. He/him.
            • sylvester hobson
              • bedrieger junction

              sylvester hobson

              mammal. he/him/it.
              • Basil Cartryte
                • The 7th footnote of a commentary on the lost chapters of Tristram Shandy. He/him/"the unnameable"

                Basil Cartryte

                I write songs and play theremin for The Kenoma Kids.
                • Sturgis Giteau
                  • Bedrieger Junction

                  Sturgis Giteau

                  I like to drink. He/him.
                  • Mort Duffy
                    • Bedrieger Junction

                    Mort Duffy

                    Mort Duffy (he/him) cultivates a rich inner life.

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