arabesques moon pattern (generated poem)

arabesques moon pattern

Generated by Basil Cartryte, 2023-01-14

Output of a python script to replace the text in an Emily Dickinson poem with text from Ebony and Crystal, a collection of poems by Clark Ashton Smith. Dickinson's original words can be found in the initial letters of each line. For instance, in line 1: Arabesques Moon Pattern Like Ebony = AMPLE. The blank line between lines 16 and 17 indicates that the script could find no word beginning with the "x" of "excellent."

arabesques moon pattern like ebony
moon a king ere
to heardest iron sough
blow ears days
mystery and knowing empty
truth haired in surely
beneath eyes drain
wine in the hair
archaic wherein eternally
in no
in tow'rd
what and I the
that in long lulled
jasper upon desert gleams memory evening night the
breathless roman empresses alhambran know

cypresses ebony like lattices ere night tears
and name dust
from and inalienable robes
blown empty
in that surely
mouth and the the remembers eyes shifting sea
splendours to realms and in grey hesperian through
began ever
in the sinking
place is light lie ocean's weave
ruby one up night deserts
lie eve towering
nenuphars one
stone upon no rays I save ever
yellow ebony like lattices of wall
night of in sound eyes
in name the eyes rose rose up perchance the
to hesperian it sinking
gulfs ruby one up night deserts