NaPoWriMo 2022 day 27: Heraclitus Slept

Heraclitus Slept poem text

Heraclitus Slept


Behind the walls is a room made of glass and in that room a ship too large to fit through the door (which is hardly wide enough to admit me), its planks draped with seaweed and dripping,

and the streaked milkiness of the glass is an accretion of salt, it comes off powdery on the finger which I instinctively lick

and taste brine, my tongue’s nerves reach into the brain to scribble pictures of squid anemone starfish crab coral flounder

suddenly moves and stirs the silt on the floor of my thoughts and the salt liquid in my veins wrinkles and icy currents surge my body through

and here 600 miles from any ocean the moon’s waves break ever towards me but never reach, and I stir in the bed that is only mine, my wife beside me away on her own dark voyage,

and it’s nearly certain we’ll see each other when day breaks but not guaranteed at all that either of us will have returned and if not we never shall.

Mort Duffy