NaPoWriMo 2022 Day 6: End of the Universe Tanka

The End

End of the Universe Tanka


Scenario 1: The expanding universe finds no end as matter spreads itself ever thinner until only a dim fog remains, the history of Rome a swirl in the mist, my life a jig of a few dozen atoms, until even these ghosts dissolve into the tepid bath of eternity.

Scenario 2: The Big Bang puffs out the last huff of energy from its lungs and inhales, the expanding universe contracts, maybe time runs backwards, all the rocks and dust and star-stuff rush back into the womb, all the angels crammed onto the head of a single pin elbow to eyeball with gods and devils and junkies and geniuses, and then it all blows up again but every explosion is different and so if I’m reborn in the new universe I make other awful choices.

Scenario 3: Quantum collapse, the subatomic glue does not hold, the structures of space fall apart, existence unravels at the speed of light, hell it might be happening now, we’d never see it coming until it pulled the plug on our synapses for good, sudden as the evangelical return of Jesus but without the Rapture, God himself caught by surprise, all those pearly mansions built on sand crumbling away.

I read about these doom scenarios on Twitter (where else?) and I don’t know which I’d choose, not that I get to, but whichever way it goes whatever choices I make now all come to nothing, but they matter for now and screw me later, if now and later are real but to be honest spacetime seems sketchier than this ditchweed I’m smoking, which really is helping me think about these things

of cosmic importance, and the thing I see clearly (if I have time to finish this sentence) is that things of cosmic importance don’t matter because they’re not doable and not here, but my nextdoor neighbors are here with a big bowl of jambalaya they had left over and I have some Trader Joe’s single malt scotch to offer them and we can sit and watch the sun which is just now setting like it’s the first time ever, and then we can watch the stars.


Sturgis Giteau
Apr 6 22