The Hermit Euric

Neomodernist #1 (abstract splattern)

The Hermit Euric

The famed hermit Euric, day after day, night past night, year following year, pled for a divine visitation. Decades trickled through his stone cell (crampt, ample for him) and brought no drop of vision to quench his parched soul.

His parents left him a fortune. He could have fed every lust and lived in a riot of pleasure, but he put his wealth aside to pay seven guards to patrol his retreat. Their orders were strict. Speaking to him was forbidden. Any pilgrim who came to seek audience or any lost traveler who chanced by was fed and dismissed. The guards drove away the very birds and woodland creatures, down to the quietest termite. Nothing could disturb the holy man's vigil.

One morning near the end of his life, Euric said to himself, "It must be that time I walked in the woods and very nearly picked a flower. For that moment, my desires glanced aside. That is why He has not come."

-- Bryant Jacobi

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